Refurnishing an existing office

Create a new work environment with the pre-existing space: We are here to help you with furnishing or redesigning an office.

You already have the office space, but are missing the right concept and furnishings? We can help you bring out the best in your existing office space. 

Our portfolio includes the following services:

Interior and office design

We bring your space to life with color, material, form and lighting concepts, creating an environment to feel good in.

Office spaces are so much more than just a collection of desks. They are a place for communication and collaboration. Interior design is one of the decisive factors for the development of atmosphere and is what establishes the basis for the working environment of your employees.

Office furnishing and fittings

Furniture and space should be in harmony. That is why we coordinate the office furniture with you according to your space requirements and concept.

We offer advice on furnishing and making the right choice of furniture for your new work environment. When choosing new office furniture, our goal is to create a unified feeling of space and most importantly, to create a work environment in which employees feel comfortable.

Not finding exactly what you're looking for? We can also be your project partner in the following situations:

How we work

We start by taking a closer look at what your specific needs are and then create a concept in which we map out your future working methods and the various aspects required of your space. To do this, we develop a design that fits your future working methods, create space for your corporate identity and accompany you all the way to a fully equipped office.




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