New Workingspaces


Modern work opportunities

The waiting furniture cleverly separates the entrance hall, thereby creating the necessary security areas.

Project facts and figures


Work setting possibilities850

Space in m²25.000

IndustryAutomobile industry

The waiting furniture cleverly separates the entrance hall, thereby creating the necessary security areas.

The challenge

The new building in Hanover-Marienwerder aims to combine the expertise of the two previous sites in Stadthagen and Peine in one location to create synergies for new developments in the field of the "cockpit of the future". The modern campus-style building, designed by Berlin-based architects DIA 179, offers its 850 or so employees a wide range of bookable, ergonomic workstations with a high level of acoustic protection. At the same time, a wide range of workplaces for meeting and collaboration was created, which meets the requirements of agile working in the company.
The implementation of the project demanded a high degree of flexibility from all project partners, started before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, we shifted the continuous coordination meetings to an online platform from April 2021. Only site visits, sampling, and later acceptance meetings were conducted in the presence, taking into account the existing precautionary measures.


Our solution

In successive project phases, we developed and refined the new workplace concept together with the FORVIA project team, with the participation of employee representatives.
The starting point of the concept was the facility management's demand for maximum flexibility in the subsequent use of the space. Based on an area size of 190cmx190cm we structured the areas of the building and developed a flexible and modular offer of work settings. By setting up a pilot area in Stadthagen, we were able to finalize the workplace concept through practical testing and employee feedback. During the development process, the concept was also continuously checked for economic efficiency.


The filigree lounge makes optimal use of the space below the seating stairs. At the same time, it emphasizes the effect of the staircase as a sculpture.

Interior Design

The interior design concept for Forvia is composed of three essential components - design language, color choice, and functionality. The industrial building was to be underpinned in its aesthetics and function, while at the same time a pleasant working atmosphere was to be created. For this purpose, "real" materialities were used. Smooth technical surfaces are contrasted with structured materials, such as wood or felt. The cool appearance of the building was complemented by shooting pastels and - by contrasting with the Warm Naturals color scheme - rounded off. Accents are set by the Speedline concept. This formal idea runs like a red thread from the exterior façade to the entrance hall, into the staff restaurant - and right through to the carpeting design.



A mix of retreats, team workbenches, and various meeting offerings complement the standard workstations.
Specially designed acoustic walls offer the employees visual and sound protection in one, without taking away daylight.
Decorative lighting was integrated into the slat roofs to remain flexible with the tables. Completely in line with the Speedline concept.


Using a call for tenders and final negotiations, the future suppliers of the equipment for the new building in the area of kitchenettes, lighting, loose furnishings, and special construction were identified and contractually bound. This was followed by clarification discussions with the suppliers, acceptance of final sample buildings, and scheduling of the extensive deliveries according to construction stages. In parallel, we supported the Forvia project team in interface communication with the construction contractor and were responsible for the overall interior design concept. The delivery and installation of the complete interior equipment started in August 2021 and proceeded successfully until the beginning of October. The new FORVIA working environment and the spacious and modern canteen were used by the employees from October onwards.


A special highlight - our Office Art concept

In the beginning, there was the question: how do employees and visitors find their way around an area of approx. 25,000 m² - with around 100 meeting rooms? 
We developed a simple guidance system, which leads through the building with clear zones. Part of the guidance system we developed is also the wall design of the meeting rooms and prominent zones. This office art concept in line design gives each room an individual identity through color and exciting graphics. Ultimately, it serves as a clear orientation for all users of the building.


Each meeting room has received a custom wall graphic to match its name.
An accent for more coziness is the idea of Speedlines as a plant shelf.
The round corner is the library, break area, and meeting communication place in one.
The FAB LAB is a tinkerer's workshop, think tank, and place of inspiration all in one, where future innovations are developed.
The Top 5 zones combine two functions on the store floor: the exhibition area for visitors and the daily meeting areas.