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Restroom doors with specially designed motifs

When the American company Shutterstock consulted us in the fall of 2014 to determine whether they would fit into the new property they had selected, these questions were most important:

What is the best way to structure and use the space?
Winged armchair with stool
How do we go about providing the company with a new home that shapes its identity?
View of the building's facade

The chosen property was a new building in Berlin’s popular Prenzlauer Berg district. The two-floor, block-shaped space consisted mainly of hard surfaces, concrete and glass walls, thus posing some pitfalls.

Floor planning lounge

The challenge

First, we analysed Shutterstock’s working methods and then created an applicable needs profile for the workstations and meeting areas. We concluded that the new building lacked spatial flexibility due to its blocky, angular character, and that the acoustics were problematic.

  • Limited flexibility
  • Problematic acoustics

It was therefore important for us to design a functional office space that not only met the required standards but also allowed for an unconventional design.

Our solution

Drawing acoustic wall
  • Ceiling with surface-mounted lamps in streamlined design

    Special lighting concept to animate the rigid room structure

  • The employee lounge lies in front of the terrace

    Carpet with acoustic backing

  • Open office area on the upper level

    Unusual wall design as connecting element

A 15-metre-long acoustic wall now covers more than a third of the vertical concrete surfaces on each of the two floors. Each wall was printed with a collage designed by Shutterstock and thus represents an enlivening element with acoustic properties within the otherwise minimal interior design. At the same time, they also allowed us to integrate photographic images, the heart of New York-based Shutterstock, into the design as a central element.






450 m²


Stock photography agency


Open space


Planning of the ground floor

From October 2014 through to the spring 2015 move-in, we guided the entire planning and build-out of the interior design as well as the technical execution, down to the detailed furniture design providing for integration of multimedia technology. We paid special attention to the design of the project’s particular branding elements. Here we were able to take time for details and, at the same time, make sure the design fit the budget.