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Office table with acoustic wall

In April 2016, we took part in the tendering process for "The Project Management and Delivery of Moveable Furnishings" for the new headquarters of an international petroleum company in Berlin’s Mitte district.

Meeting room with two armchairs

We were awarded the contract in May 2016 and started by signing a framework agreement. The first construction meeting of the ambitious project took place in June. We represented the interests of our client in dealings with the landlord from the first construction meeting until the final acceptance of the office space.

The challenge

We had to develop a detailed space-planning scheme as well as a comprehensive colour and material concept within a short timeframe. This planning framework was necessary in order to quickly define what construction materials would be used in cooperation with the landlord’s representatives, and then to start construction as soon as possible.

  • Comprehensive colour and material concept
  • Tight timeframe

Construction was already underway in June 2016 in order to hand over the completed office space to the tenant no later than the end of October.

Our solution

Floor plan open space

In the process of a one-day workshop with the client’s management, we defined the guidelines for the overall furnishing of the areas. We presented various colour and material mock-up boards that applied the company’s corporate design standards to their future premises in an optimal manner. Also important to us was a 1-to-1 display of the proposed furnishings which we demonstrated as part of our sample presentation. By the end of the workshop, we had a clear foundation for our work.

At weekly construction meetings, we determined the construction standards for the walls, floor and ceiling. Planning for the floor-mounted electrical boxes was finalised. The kitchens, sanitary facilities and wall-partition system were tested, planned in detail and approved for execution. Throughout this process, we always paid strict attention to maintaining the highest quality construction standards within the established build-out budget and following the approved timeline. We simultaneously placed various orders for the furnishings with our industry suppliers. An initial, rough schedule for delivery and assembly was followed in September 2016 by a final, detailed plan which included resource planning and the refinement of the installation scheme.

  • Final assembly of glass partition

    Authorised client representative in landlord interactions

  • Structure of the staircase

    Definition of construction standards and monitoring of execution

  • Construction of the entrance counter

    Schedule and cost control on site

After we completed the on-site sampling, we took responsibility for monitoring adherence to the specified quality standards through to final acceptance. During construction, we checked change orders for impact on both content and budget, whether added or reduced cost, then gave approval if necessary. Our top priority was a smooth construction process, moving forward to meet the agreed deadline.






1500 m²




Team office and management zone


Floor plan work area and kitchen

For six months we were committed to representing the interests of our clients in dealings with their landlord during the build-out phase of their new office space in Berlin’s Mitte district. At the same time, as am authorized contractual partner, we carried out the complete furnishing of the office space.