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In late summer 2015, we took part in an ideas competition - announced by DKB Service GmbH - with the aim of converting the atrium of the building at Taubenstrasse 44/45 into a networking space. The task was to create temporary workstations and sufficient space for communication. That project was successfully completed in October 2017, and it led to further cooperation with DKB via the development of a new workplace concept. We held an employee workshop, and those results formed the basis for our subsequent planning and implementation of a pilot area by DKB following the new concept in 2018.

Staff workshop
New working environments at DKB

The challenge of a future DKB Network Space

Since the building was a rental property, the particular challenge in the atrium was to develop a solution that could be implemented without major structural changes.

  • No structural changes possible
  • Acoustics, lighting and discretion problematic

In addition, workstations had to be created to best meet the requirements for ergonomics, acoustics, light and discretion.

Our solution - The Loop

  • We worked out a concept for Work 4.0 in the DKB Network Space.

  • The E-Bridge and acoustic ceiling are the foundations of an appealing work environment for temporary work.

  • We created various opportunities for informal communication in the space.

We developed a concept that made a clear separation between the work and communication zones. We decided on the use of an E-Bridge to provide IT support to the work stations below the fixed structural features. Using this multifunctional furniture element, we were also able to provide the work stations with standard-compliant lighting by incorporating built-in luminaires. In order to meet the requirements for good acoustics and sufficient discretion, we created “The Loop”, a canopy extending over the entire work area, which featured a highly-effective acoustic finish on its underside. Additional sound-absorbing elements on the E-Bridge and at the tables help create a pleasant working atmosphere.






1000 m²


Banking and insurance


Open space, networking space, lounge

Holistic colour and material concept

During a December 2015 workshop with DKB’s decision-makers, we developed a holistic colour and material concept based on their corporate design standards. This served as the guideline both for the creation of the Network Space and for all subsequent projects in various facilities and areas.
The DKB Network Space opened in November 2017 and has since enjoyed a high level of acceptance and demand.
Since moving into the pilot area in the first quarter of 2018, staff members have been enthusiastically using the new working environments, such as the Mini-Meet Rooms, the Creative Room and the Communications Kitchen.