New Offices

International Oil Company

Representative German headquarters for an international company in the "Palais Behrens"

Project facts and figures


Work setting possibilities130

Space in m²1,500

Industry Industrial

The Challenge

We were assisted an international oil company in the entire project management process for the design of its new headquarters in Berlin-Mitte. In an extremely short period of time, a detailed floor space planning as well as a comprehensive color and material concept had to be developed. This planning base was necessary in order to quickly define the materials on site with the responsible partners of the landlord and to start the construction work as soon as possible.

Our Solution

During a one day workshop with the executives of our client, we were able to define the final principles for the overall furnishing of the spaces. We prepared various color and material collages that would optimally reflect the company's corporate design for the future rooms. It was also important for us to have a 1:1 sampling of the future furnishings, which we presented using samples in our exhibition. By the end of the workshop, we had established a clear game plan.

Implementing an identity-forming material and design concept.

With a uniform concept, we integrated the structure of the company in the design and thereby coordinated the different spaces.

During our weekly construction meetings, we defined the design of the walls, floors and ceilings. The floor tank planning was finally coordinated. The kitchens, sanitary facilities and system partitions were sampled, fine-tuned and approved for construction. Our focus was always to achieve the best quality within the fixed budget and the agreed upon time frame. Meanwhile, we placed the various furniture orders with our suppliers in the industry. An initial rough disposition of the delivery and assembly was followed by a detailed disposition from September 2016 onwards, including deployment planning and the development of an installation concept.

Once the sampling on site was completed, it was our responsibility to monitor the execution and quality standards defined by the client. We checked the content and commercial aspects of any change notices on the construction site with cost reduction or increase and approved them if necessary. A smooth construction process to meet the agreed deadline was our top priority.

Identifying wall design