The attractiveness and proper furnishing of your work environment influence work processes and the motivation of employees. We support you by optimally organising, designing and furnishing your office space.

Areas of expertise

Workplace Consulting

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  • Workplace trends

    The world of work is constantly changing. Current influences such as the digitalisation of work and new value structures of companies and their workers call for new notions of workspace and work time.
  • Job opportunities

    Trust-based working hours allows employees to work from anyplace. We help you find the right balance between personal contact in the office and flexible working elsewhere.
  • Workshops

    We individually tailor our workshops to your needs. We work interactively with a variety of methods in order to define the concrete tasks on the way to your future workplace.
  • New Ways of Working

    How will we deal with organisation, communication, technology, ergonomics and transparency in the future? What do demographic changes mean for our employees and our working environment? Together with you, we explore the resulting opportunities for your company.
  • Office concept

    Working together with you, we find the type of office that best suits your corporate culture. Whether it’s cubicle workstations, team offices, combination offices, business clubs, open space or your own individualised concept - we develop your optimal office plan.
  • Organization meets office space

    We create an individualised map of your future processes, communication channels, departments and their working methods, always looking at the overall context. Your organisational structure is made evident in the workspace by means of your new office concept.
  • Corporate culture

    We want to understand you and your working environment. Only by doing that can we discover how your values are lived in your workplace, and then provide you with optimal advice and support.
  • Change

    We work right alongside you on your journey to the new office. We help you initiate the internal process leading toward an improved workspace and then set up a successful project.

Dr. Kade Pharmaceuticals

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Office Equipment

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  • Product Selection

    For 40 years, we have been advising companies on the installation and selection of suitable products. Based on our many years of experience, we have a comprehensive overview of the market and can help you to find the right products.
  • Budgeting

    Design according to budget, or not? We always keep your money in mind.
  • Ergonomics

    We guide you through the full range of office furniture systems, then work with you to select the right products that fit the design concept and meet your chosen technical and ergonomic requirements.
  • Quality

    Together with you, we define the desired standards of quality. Our process-accompanying control throughout the entire selection stage ensures that the quality standards we set are complied with.
  • Sampling

    For the initial product selection, we create a catalogue of requirements with different evaluation criteria. Based on this, we prepare a sampling proposal for you which serves to clarify the technical details and the design parameters.


The general contractor Wincor Nixdorf was commissioned to develop a complete interior design for this new Sparkasse bank branch in Erkner, Brandenburg, and we worked together with them to realize the project.

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Interior design

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  • Office Planning

    The design of an office space is a science in itself. We plan your office space holistically, analyse and question your organisational and communication structures as well as your daily work processes. From the feasibility study to the detailed planning, our goal is to create the optimal work spaces for your company.
  • Light / Acoustics / Technology

    In addition to functionality and design, factors such as light, acoustics and technology integration are decisive for the feeling of a space and the well-being of your employees. We consider these aspects for you and your office from the very beginning.
  • Choice of colour and material

    A creative approach to surfaces in terms of materials, colours, feel and the targeted use of light can help make values visible. We choose colours and materials that best suit your company.
  • Design and execution planning

    A central component of our execution planning is a detailed implementation regarding both the office space as well as the furnishings. We specify the quality standards for all surfaces and material with you in advance, and then take over the planning in close coordination with all relevant construction trades (“collision planning”).
  • Special constructions

    The customisation of your office is the final touch. Like salt in your soup, it can inject your workspaces with a strong and distinctive character. We carry out your custom construction needs - with creative ideas and unique solutions.
  • Corporate design

    A coherent concept should reflect the identity of your company while supporting the social needs of your employees.


For this new office location in Berlin, we worked alongside the client through the entire process from conception to realisation. It was important to integrate Shutterstock's corporate design standards and make effective use of the entire premises.

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Real Estate Consulting

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  • Property Search

    We look for suitable spaces in a good location and under the best possible conditions for your company. As a Berlin-based company, we know the market inside and out, and we can act independent of brokers.
  • Real estate comparison

    With Immo-Select, we have a tried-and-tested system for the efficient selection process and valuation of the properties under consideration. Based on the developed profile, we create a decision template for you that is easy to understand and audit-proof.
  • Occupancy planning

    We map out your organisational structure within the developed office concept in order to make the efficiencies and potential of the space visible from the very start.
  • Tenant planning

    The real efficiency of the property only becomes apparent after the chosen office layout has been drawn up, the technology has been verified and the specified quality of finishes has been achieved.
  • Tenant building description

    Together with you, we define a standard for tenant build-out based on the desired quality of finishes and special requests, all within your budget.
  • Definition of quality

    We ensure the desired build-out quality of the tenant’s space within a concrete budget and using specified products and materials.

best practice consulting

We worked alongside best practice consulting (bpc) on their journey to new offices. After together working out the concrete needs profile for the new working environment, we looked for and evaluated alternative office spaces and properties.

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Project Management

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  • Relocation management

    We consider your existing furniture, check it for reusability and plan it into the new space. Depending on that utilisation, we determine the required scope of transport, disposal and the volume of temporary storage as well as the extent of new furniture needed. Based on this, you can make a well-founded “make-or-buy” decision.
  • Cost and quality control

    A sound concept saves time and money. Through precise, jointly-defined tasks and quality standards, we optimise costs and time for you right from the start, thus laying the foundation for your project’s structured and secure course.
  • Budgeting

    What numbers do you have in mind, and where does it make sense make a bigger investment? We always maintain a holistic view of your overall project in order help you find efficient and suitable solutions.
  • Tendering and awarding

    The tendering process for both the furnishings and necessary services is a crucial part of the project’s execution. We work right alongside you throughout the entire selection process, ensuring transparency and achieving the required level of quality. We evaluate the offers technically and financially, then give you a well-founded recommendation for action after the awarding and clarification talks.
  • Construction supervision

    A central component of our work is representing the client’s interests. We stay by your side during the build-out process and review the work for compliance with agreed levels of quality.
  • Execution

    So that you can focus your time and energy on your work, we ensure a clean build-out process and diligent review of the execution and delivery logistics.
  • Approval

    Together we review the quality of delivered work. We make a detailed inspection for you and take care of your documentation of any defects and their redress.

International Oil Company

In mid-2016, an international oil company commissioned us not only to equip and complete its new rental space, but also to act as the client's representative during the entire negotiations and build-out.

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